Menu of the day

N.B. Only the first person who makes a reservation decides (for all) which menu it will be!

DKK 199 pp

Here is todays choice.


  1. Soup of the day
  2. Oven nachos with cheese, tomato and jalapenos
  3. Indisch Tomatosoup
  4. Chili fried shrimps
  5. Here comes a new Item
  6. Bruschetta
  7. Brie with Leek
  8. Melonsalad with smoked ham
  9. Hammouse in puff pastry
  10. Portobello, Philadelphia, Salmon/Smoked Trout
  11. Chickenfilet with Leek and La Trappe
  12. Grande Starter

Main Course:

  1. Stoofpotje (Casserole)
  2. Pasta con pomodoro, basilico e tritate
  3. Ovenbaked Salmon
  4. Pasta and La Trappe
  5. Chicken Mangochutney
  6. Curry Chicken with Pineapple
  7. White fish a la Orange
  8. Nasi Special
  9. Honey, Mustard fried ham
  10. Mixed Grill (2 kinds of meat)
  11. Mixed Grill (3 kinds of meat +Dkr 26)
  12. Beef with Amsterdam Onions


  1. Chocolate Mousse
  2. Pancakes, Icecream and/or Fruit
  3. Fruit, Lemon Mess
  4. Cheesecake
  5. Apple in Puff Pastry
  6. Apfelstrudel
  7. Cliffhanger(Caramel Banana with yoghurt cream and nuts)
  8. Tiramisu (advocaat)
  9. Apricot filled with nuts.
  10. Grande Dessert
  11. Cheese Plate

With our main dishes we serve a potato variant (or rice)
hot vegetables and a salad or a second hot vegetable.

  • Cheese fondue with meat, bread and vegetables (Main Course => Dkr 150)
  • Hollandse Happen(Happas) from 4 persons => from Dkr 225 p.p.
  • Captains Dinner(Oct - Apr =Main Course => Dkr 150 Reserve minimum the day before!!)

Probably unnecessarily, we report here that certain dishes are dependent on the availability of fresh produce.
Of course, we take into account your dietary needs or desires for small eaters.
In order to make our products as fresh as possible, we ask that you book before 15:00 (If the "R" in the month is even one day in advance).
Without reservation Bicycle menu: schnitzel or chicken cordon bleu, salad and oven fries
We always have this dish as a last minute option, unfortunately it comes out of the freezer.

But we are also known for to do our utmost to still serve a fresh product.

21 Februar 2019